Edmund is a knowledgeable, trusting, patient and kind personal trainer who knows how to balance the right temperament of kindness and toughness to give you the incentive to better yourself.
Over 20 years of coaching at the varsity level in high school sports - and as a seasoned coach of a consistently successful program - I had hit a roadblock.  How should we train our athletes physically to not only be successful in season, but become knowledgeable enough to prepare properly out of season and most importantly, for the rest of their lives.  The question complicated; the answer simple.  We found Edmund Duah & Sculptor at Strength.  

Over the past six years, we have used Edmund's expertise to develop in-season training for our varsity athletes.  Edmund has taken the time to educate me and my coaching staff about the importance of specific training schemes, the effect proper balance has on keeping athletes healthy and the value of adequate recovery days. We now use his philosophy of "filling up the athlete's cup before the season, building upon that at the beginning of a season, maintaining that mid-season and preparing to hit peak performance as the state tournament approaches."  I have witnessed this approach working first hand over the last several years and have experienced moving into tournament play with strong, fit, confident competitors instead of players whose "cup" has been emptied resulting in nagging injuries, low energy and loss fiery ambition.  

Our athletes are better prepared for the grind of the season because they gain knowledge of proper fueling, correct technique for strength training, effects of enough sleep etc. Edmund cleared the roadblock that was holding me back as a head coach.  I am now equipped to give much more to the athletes who are part of our program. 

Teaming up with Edmund made all the difference.  I constantly hear from alumni who comment on how their training at S@S prepared them for collegiate level play - DI, DII, DIII and club, and from those who state they are better prepared to tackle the challenges of life.  

It just starts with a conversation. Then together, you can map out what is best to reach your vision.  Edmund's concern is building competitors for life, not just one game.  Because of this, his success in assisting athletes, coaches and programs cannot be matched. His presence and use of Sculptor at Strength will elevate your program to an all-around higher level.  I am thankful that I had that first conversation!  

-Coach Maura Duah-Asamoah (Devaney)
Chelmsford High School Field Hockey

After joining Edmund’s BePowerful summer strength training program, my lifestyle took a change for the better. Previous to Edmund’s detailed programs, I endlessly attempted training myself incorrectly at local gyms. My back ached, knees throbbed, and I lacked nutritional knowledge leading to more and more frustration. Edmund’s Sculptor at Strength allowed me to understand the often neglected but important details – consistency, nutrition, and patience— that are essential to training effectively. Edmund’s carefully designed program is challenging and truly tests your capacity to work hard. However, his uplifting and motivating personality summons the inner strength deep within you to push past walls that previously held you back. Working out was fun again! Within the first few weeks I saw great results, and by the end I was a whole new person. Under Edmund’s guidance and knowledge I saw myself transform my lifestyle for the better. I am finally taking care of my body and now understand how to push myself. My only regret has been waiting so long to join Sculptor at Strength! With Edmund you are bound to succeed.

-Brad Hausler
Stonehill College

I highly recommend Edmund’s Sculptor at Strength!  I have always wanted to be a police officer.  After attempting to train on my own, I failed the Police Department’s fitness test twice.  I knew I needed help to achieve this lifelong dream. 

With Edmund’s effective training, I realized I was not pushing myself to the point where I would make significant strides.  I shed over 20 lbs and cut off my 1.5 mile run by 2 minutes after working with Edmund! I not only passed every fitness exam since, Edmund was instrumental in getting rid of my crippling back pain!!

If you have fitness goals of any type, Edmund will be there to provide the best customized progressive program and motivation that you’ll be able to get anywhere!

– Joe Olmeda

“Edmund has been a huge help to me over the past year. From the first day that I stepped into his performance center he inspired me to work harder, run faster and lift more. He continually encourages me to strive to do it all BETTER than the last time. I felt motivated to achieve something greater than I could ever have before. With his help, I am in the best physical state I've ever been in and I continue to improve every day. Soccer games went from being difficult to get through to it being easy for me to get through the 90+ minutes I'm on the pitch. On top of that, Edmund's Soccer Strength Program has helped me to stand my ground against even the largest of opponents. I could never have achieved what I have athletically without the help of Sculptor @ Strength.”

– Noah Ludwig
"Over the course of the past few years I have been a member at Sculptor At Strength. I am finishing up my senior year of being a dual division three collegiate athlete. I played fall and spring sports so in order to compete and maintain my fitness, Sculptor at Strength has gone above and beyond to motivate as well as develop my fitness level and prepare me for my athletic seasons. This past summer I joined a group of college students attending five fitness sessions a week. We worked together motivating and building our knowledge, strength, agility and speed. By the end of the summer, I reached goals and levels of fitness that prepped me to compete in the fall stronger, with more intensity than I ever had. I also reached my personal and team goals. It beats just having a membership to any gym. Edmund took such care to bring us together to understand the importance of teamwork, hard work, and drive to find success and incorporate fitness into a lifestyle forever!

-Alanah Melanson
Westfield State University

"I first met with Edmund three years ago because I was seeking help in recovering from and wanted to prevent any further persistent running injuries. His knowledge, expertise, and skills as a trainer went beyond expectation. He is able to address individual goals and concerns that are appropriate for each person and make adjustments as needed. He takes the time to identify which muscle groups to strengthen and gives you the appropriate workout and exercises only after making sure you will perform them correctly and safely. He will encourage you to go beyond your limits and at the same time reign you in when necessary. Edmund is kind, warm and caring and takes an interest in you and what is going on in your life. The gym and its members are a reflection of this positive atmosphere. Sculptor At Strength has top of the line fitness equipment you will not find in most gyms. It is always kept in pristine condition. Whether you are an athlete looking to further your athletic abilities or you are just looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Edmund will help you achieve your goals and open your eyes to creating new ones."

- Sue L

Edmund’s Sculptor At Strength fosters positive self- improvement in an environment that is individually focused, but always team oriented.  I have been training at his facility as a high school, collegiate and post collegiate athlete – Edmund has always been willing to help devise a plan to help me achieve my goals.  Whether I need nutritional advice, a new lifting routine, or a great cardio workout, Edmund is always there.  He genuinely cares about creating better people both inside and out.  Something I will always appreciate whether I am 15 or 100.

-Kaleigh Hoffman
Colby College

Training with Edmund gave me a whole new outlook as an athlete as I arrived to play Division I Collegiate Field Hockey. I developed such a solid foundation in strength training before leaving high school. I learned specific technique and more than that - learned why it was so important. I was steps ahead in knowledge and strength when I hit the college level so could quickly gain speed and power! Working with Edmund gave me the confidence that I needed to compete on the D1 collegiate level and keep improving my game!

- Annie Villare

I have been working with Edmund for over seven years. Edmund is a knowledgeable, trusting, patient and kind personal trainer who knows how to balance the right temperament of kindness and toughness to give you the incentive to better yourself.  I have worked with him one on one, and has also taken Fitness Boxing Classes and Team Strength Challenge small groups. I have also trusted him to provide personal guidance and training with my children. In each instance, Edmund has shown me the depth of his knowledge and understanding and provided valuable advice on nutrition, fitness and exercise for me and my family.

- John F. Gallant, Esq.

I couldn’t be happier with Edmund’s Sculptor at Strength!  When I first walked in the door, Edmund greeted me with a big smile and I instantly felt at home.  I believe his knowledge and experience in working with so many different age groups and fitness levels is unsurpassed.  What I value most about Edmund is he genuinely cares about not only my fitness goals, but also my personal wellbeing.  If you are looking for more than just a “gym”, come check Edmund’s Sculptor at Strength out!!

- Alex Carven

When my journey began with Edmund, I did not realize how far from my ideal weight I had gotten. Denial is a very strong emotion.  I remember when we talked about my goals, I was overwhelmed with learning how to work out for the first time and changing my eating habits. I also felt restricted since I have always had trouble with my lower back.

Well, before I knew it, after only a few months of cleaning up my eating and working out regularly, the weight just dropped off!  I reached my goal weight in 8 months. 

Edmund also guided my through exercises and movements that would protect my back, allow me to gain strength and to rid the fear of working out.  Nothing motivates like seeing and feeling the results of your hard work, dedication and discipline.  There were certainly bumps in the road, but Edmund is truly an outstanding trainer who continually inspires and motivates just by being who he is.  Over eight years after reaching my goal, I am happy to say I have maintained my goal weight!

Edmund’s vast knowledge of fitness and nutrition, along with his “body, mind and spirit” approach gives him the ability to understand what each person needs to succeed."

-Charlene McGuire

I have only worked with Edmund for a few months but the physical and emotional results have been phenomenal! For years, I hurt myself with outrageous exercise routines and fad diets with limited results. Edmund helped me to think differently about food and fitness and to set my goals high with the one and only motivation being I wasn’t doing it for myself but for God. My body is God’s temple and I feel healthier than I have in years. Now fitness is a lifestyle for me. I’m at my best to do my best for Jesus - which has been His will for me all along!

– Shelly C

When I joined Edmund’s Sculptor at Strength, I was in the worst shape of my life but thanks to the keen sense of community that Edmund has built, I have never felt so comfortable at a gym. What I find so remarkable is that Edmund is far more than a trainer; he is truly a life coach who takes a genuine and personal interest in each of his clients. This coupled with his extensive knowledge of exercise physiology allows Edmund to develop and modify a fitness regimen that targets everyone's ability and needs. Joining Edmund’s has been the best decision I've made in the journey for a healthier lifestyle.

– Amy Rapone

“I have been going to Sculptor At Strength and working with Edmund for seven years. There are hundreds of places you can go to lift, run and jump. It’s different here. It can be as simple as a few words of encouragement or a disappointed shake of the head. Both are given with genuine concern for you. It is not easy – believe me. If it were, everyone would do it. If you are committed to your goals, whatever they are, Edmund will get you there. It won’t be easy, but tasks of value rarely are. I have found fitness and friends at Sculptor at Strength!

- Stephanie Gonzalez


“After witnessing the personal and physical growth that my son and his friends experienced during the CAT Skills program at Sculptor @ Strength, I had confidence that I too would benefit from working with Edmund. Over the past 5 months my expectations have been blown away with the positive results of my personal training sessions with Edmund. Through his guidance and expertise, I have shed pounds and inches, and gained both muscle mass and a better understanding of my relationship with food. Edmund's focus on the "whole person" has been instrumental in me meeting my goals of improved fitness and nutrition, and his knowledge of physiology, body mechanics, and nutrition are unparalleled. He tailors each training session to the individual to achieve outstanding results while maintaining physical safety. I have never been a "gym person", but I actually enjoy spending time at Sculptor @ Strength because of the welcoming and nurturing environment that Edmund has created.”

- Betsy H





" Simply put, Edmund is the reason i had the opportunity to play Division 1 lacrosse. From freshman year of high school, he worked with me to create a specialized plan to help me put on muscle mass, increase my overall athletism, and improve my positional ability. He took the wholesome approach throughout my time working with him, ensuring that i had strong fundamentals and the correct mindset throughout training. He instilled in me a love of hardwork and getting better, and pushed me to limits that i did not think i could reach. All of this ensured that the day  i walked on campus, i was more than prepared to compete at the highest level in a collegiate strength and conditioning program. But,  above all, throughout my time at Sculptor at Strength, Edmund became and remains one of my true friends and someone who i can go to for anything. He truly cares about every athlete that he works with and wants to help them improve their game. So for anyone looking for great results to better themselves, i can not recommend Edmund and Sculptor at Strength enough


Colin Delea

Harvard University Lacrosse