Our fitness facility is nestled in the North Chelmsford mills which presents a rustic and an architecturally motivating setting for all types of workouts.  Our state-of-the-art equipment and specially designed floor plan provides you with the tools to build a fit and healthy lifestyle within a clean, friendly, encouraging and empowering atmosphere.
Edmund Working with a Male Client at SaS in North Chelmsford, MA
Edmund Working with a Female Client at SaS in North Chelmsford, MA


Edmund Duah is the founder of Sculptor at Strength, an athletic development facility located in the historic North Chelmsford Mills in Massachusetts. Since 2005, Edmund has used his "it must make sense"( functionally integrated training F.I.T.) approach to help a countless number of people in the area through personal, small group and team training. His vision of providing more than just a "gym" for his clients and community inspired him to establish Edmund's Sculptor at Strength ten years ago. One of the main focuses of his work is to bridge the gap between the weight-room and work done on the field for athletes as well as training and functioning well in life.

Although, the physical appearance of this motivating space has evolved over the years, Edmund's "It must make sense" approach to training remains a constant.
Edmund is a true teacher whose clients benefit, not only from his vast knowledge of the human body and it's right movements, but also from his ability to design personalized and highly effective programs. His simple, yet direct approach to nutrition counseling has yielded amazing results for hundreds of clients over the years.

Check out our testimonials or better yet-make the call! A free consultation with Edmund will put you, or any member of your family, on the right path to a lifetime of health and strength.
"When I started working out with Edmund and Sculptor at Strength, I would get nauseous with each sit up I did. Edmund helped to desensitize me, making my workouts a lot more enjoyable."

Our Facility and Equipment is state-of-the-art

  • 3000 sq. ft. of indoor training space
  • 20-yard, 2 lane turf space for agility, quickness, speed and skill drills
  • Woodway Curve Treadmills [ non-motorized] for proper running form, acceleration, speed and endurance training.
  • Woodway Force Treadmill [ non-motorized with 10-150 lbs of resistance] for serious leg strength and power. This unit works by tethering the athlete to the platform so they become the driving force of the frictionless belt. Up to 150 lbs of resistance can be added to the belt which allows one to maximize acceleration and speed training.  The Force allows us to measure speed and power output, so we may quickly and accurately monitor the ability and progress of our athletes.
  • Keiser Air300 Runner – This unique and innovative piece of equipment allows athletes to train the lower body for power using components of speed and resistance. The Air300 Runner is one of our premier tools to help our athletes to improve acceleration and explosive power. This unit will also improve the power and performance of any individual looking for a competitive edge. It is great for tightening and toning the glutes and thighs.
  • Keiser Performance Trainers & Functional Trainers These pieces of equipment are high and low pulley systems that provide pneumatic, or air resistance, for a wide variety of upper, lower and total body movements. The air resistance means minimal shock loading to joints and tissues that occur with traditional plate stack machines. This advanced equipment is incredible in developing and improving core strength, stability and power in our clients.
  • Keiser air350 biaxial upper back and chest units
  • Keiser Power Half Rack - Come see and be amazed by this power building system
  • Life Fitness Elite Half Racks
  • Free weights
  • Heavy Punching Bags
  • Towel Service
  • Reverse Osmosis Filtered Water [ free]
Gym Equipment at Sculptor at Strength in North Chelmsford, MA
Training in Session at Sculptor at Strength in North Chelmsford, MA
"I couldn’t be happier with Edmund’s Sculptor at Strength! When I first walked in the door, Edmund greeted me with a big smile and I instantly felt at home. I believe his knowledge and experience in working with so many different age groups and fitness levels is unsurpassed."

The benefits of the Keiser Pneumatic Resistance Technology are numerous including

  1. No shock loading to connective tissues and joints.
  2. The ability to change resistance at any time during set/reps.
  3. A consistent variable résistance curve at any speed
  4. It offers privacy of workload.
  5. Total control of resistance increase/decrease at your finger tips
  6. Unlike iron weights our Keiser pneumatic technology allows increase/decrease by the 1/10th of a pound.
  7. A feedback of workload and repetitions are shown on a large display attached to each of our Keiser strength Units. You want to know something awesome? Each of our strength units also, measures how much effort you put into every repetition. No more just going through the motions! This capability of the Keiser Strength Technology motivates you to push yourself based on the feedback on the displays. You will understand what it means to dig for more to make a difference.
So, from youth to the aged, athlete to non-athlete, middle school to college student, semi pro to the pro. we have all you need to build strength, speed and endurance, but totally adjustable to fit, any weight and height and to improve strength gains in anybody healthy enough to exercise.