Welcome to IDEAS from Sculptor at Strength.

As you know, there are many ideas about fitness and nutrition out there. Does it all apply to you?

Here at Sculptor At Strength, we believe in the universal Law of Individual Differences – no two people squat or run the same. Each one of us is unique in our makeup in height, build and proportions – so fitness is not a one size fits all.

“Just as an attire is made to fit a person, so must a program be tailored to fit a person to bring out the best in them for sports and life!”

Check in with us here at IDEAS where we are going to share specific thoughts, articles and videos etc..

Stay tuned as we build and supply you with information that will enhance your experience as you continue your fitness journey!

Cat-Skills Program

The goal of our Cat-Skills Program is to develop each young individual athlete, male or female, into a balanced and stable, technically efficient

The Leap

Did you know…making a simple switch of music could boost your ability to focus and get more out of each moment you are exercising?


Did you know…Eating part of a simple potato could be the BEST pre-workout! So many times people ask – “What should I eat