The Leap

Did you know…making a simple switch of music could boost your ability to focus and get more out of each moment you are exercising?

Why Classical Music can inspire you to get the most out of your workout!

“I already know the pace of the workout before I start. I do not allow music to determine that pace. Some people choose music that forces a faster tempo and those people cannot sustain the set pace so fall off a cliff during their session. My suggestion is to choose classical music or even start with music without words such as soundtracks. These disciplines the mine to focus on nothing but the training ahead.” - Edmund Duah

Check this out – Try it if you never have or continue because it is working for you!
  • Classical music is proven to help you let go of the day and focus on your workout.
  • Classical music helps you control the pace of your workout instead of allowing distractions.
  • Classical music lowers heart rate and breathing rate which is necessary for truly focusing on a task. Well, the task is your session!
  • Classical music has been shown to lower levels of cortizol in the body which is the hormone associated with stress. This will prep the systems of your body to prepare for and sustain a more focused workout.
  • Classical music is only one category such as any music that stimulates the mind. But, make sure to define the purpose. Michael Jackson or even Metallica songs may be motivating for certain people doing certain activities, but challenge yourself to try classical music for strength training. You will experience the benefits immediately!
  • These are just some ideas to get you started. Antonio Vivaldi , Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Hans Zimmer (soundtracks – Batman, Superman etc. )


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