S.A.S. Fitness Boxing

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S@S Fitness Boxing

“S@S Fitness boxing is a high energy, exhilarating workout that is geared toward all fitness levels. I was apprehensive about attending class after having a new baby, but I was able to jump right in and excel past my expectations. I feel myself getting stronger after every class which makes me want to go back for more.”
- Thanks Sculptor at Strength
Amy Patalano

“Sculptor@Strength style of fitness boxing is unlike any orchestra you’ve ever experienced. “

Our hour long session starts with a 5 to 8 minute dynamic warm-up to make sure each participant is good to go. Then going from simple to complex moves and punch combos, we have ourselves a workout of 2-5 minute long rounds with about 30- 60 second breaks. Please don’t be alarmed because you are new to it, you will not have to do the 5 minute rounds until it’s appropriate or never. . Sculptor@Strength Fitness Boxing is designed to whip you into shape no matter your current fitness level. I can always make it challenge you

Elements of a class
• Dynamic Warm Up_5-8 Minutes
• Shadow Boxing Session_3-6 minutes
• Heavy Bag Work, “you-against-the-bag”_12-15 minutes
• Call & Respond Drills( punch combinations, core work & plyometrics )_15-20 minutes
• Target mitt drills 9 minutes
• Cool Down_3 minutes

Duration: 60 minutes

Frequency: 2-3x weekly