Life is an athletic event

You are part of an athletic event!

Just as an attire is made to fit a person, so must a program be tailored to fit a person to bring out the best in them for sports and life!

Like an athlete who must be able to endure the physical demands of his or her sport and still thrive, you must be an athlete in your game of life.

The physical and emotional challenges of daily life may be less dramatic, but the cumulative effects such as chronic pain, decreased range of motion and overall performance are similar if not the same.

As you may know, consuming much of what is not food and unnecessary, carrying excess body weight than your frame can handle, sitting at a computer long hours with little and/or no sleep, takes a considerable toll on the human body.

Our mission is to keep you in the "game" and off the “bench” so long as possible.

About Us

Why Edmund’s Sculptor at Strength?

Our focus is to get you started right and keep you going while achieving and maintaining optimal levels of performance.
Through many years of working with hundreds of people, both young and old, and from all walks of life, we have developed some highly effective and proven methods and programs to help anyone discover and cultivate every necessary component of mental skills, physical strength and agility foundations for life and sports.

• Knowledgeable and experienced team
• Clean, Positive & Friendly Atmosphere
• Proven Results

We humbly serve the towns of Chelmsford, Tyngsboro, Westford, Lowell, Littleton, Groton and beyond.


Sean Working Out at SaS in Chelmsford, MA
Sean worked with Edmund at SaS as a pre-teen on increasing agility and quickness for the sports that he was playing. The comfort of working with Edmund always stuck in his mind.
Nina Working Out at SaS in Chelmsford, MA
Tenacity – this is a word that describes Nina! She was once told from a physician “With all of your health issues, you will never be able to lose weight.” Once Nina and Edmund connected